August 27 – 28
  • Welcome and Introduction to the Course
  • Syllabus Review
  • Introduction Assignment

Estimated Time to Complete

Instruction 1 hr
Assignments 2 hrs
Collaboration 2 hrs


Welcome to Health Issues in Domesticated Ungulates. This site, along  with  Blackboard, will be our home in the semester ahead.

Public Spaces:

  • Class activity will take place on the Home page and Forums of this site:
    • You will post your assignments (or provide a link)
    • You will provide feedback to your peers through comments
    • I will post announcements
    • We  will also hold weekly class discussions  in the Forums (via post and comment)
  • The other areas of this site are:
    • Assignments (course material and instructions for each week)
    • Syllabus
    • Schedule
    • Rubrics
Private Stuff:
  • Private information such as grades and feedback on your assignments will be posted in Blackboard, where only you can see it.

Public Learning Community

As mentioned above, much of this course is public. As a member of the cohort, you will participate with your classmates in a public learning community. You will post assignments, review the work of your classmates, and provide feedback; peer review is a significant component of the course.  Let me emphasize that your coursework and comments will be publicly accessible.  If this concerns you, contact me (instructor) to discuss before the semester begins. Unless you negotiate a pseudonym or other arrangements before class begins, your participation in the course signifies your agreement to be publicly identified as a member of the course.

Assignments (Due August 29 by Midnight)

1) Introductions

Log in to this site using the Log In button on the lower right side of this page. You should be able to use your normal UAF login credentials. Once logged in, go to the Introductions!  topic in the forums  and create your first forum post. Let us know a little bit about yourself. Tell us where you’re coming from, both geographically and in terms of your goals. Why are you taking this course and what is your interest in health issues in domesticated ungulates?

2) Class Blog

Create your first post (by using the  +New  button at the top of the page) to let us know you’ve found your way here and are ready to get to work. Make sure to select  the orientation category (box at bottom right in the create post window) before you’re done. Use of these categories will help your peers navigate and help me when I assess your work.  When you’re done, click on the publish button. Your post will appear on the  home page  of this site.

Now go ahead and get started on Module 1.