Module 7

Field Necropsy, Collection of Blood and Tissue
November 12 – November 25

Introduction module 7.
In this module we will begin to build the framework of your final project; conducting a necropsy . You will review videos of an actual necropsy of a reindeer. I would recommend taking notes of the structures as they are encountered in the videos to help with sequential list of organs and structures that you need to isolate, inspect and evaluate for the writing assignment. Your practical assignment is to develop a self-video or powerpoint presentation of collecting blood and tissue samples. Hint: use a stuffed animal to demonstrate how to collect a blood sample either jugular or caudal or limb vein. You can use any type of tissue “meat’ to demonstrate how to collect and bag a tissue sample.


  1. Explain purpose of field necropsy.
  2. Describe process of performing field necropsy.
  3. Evaluate circumstances and conditions appropriate for field necropsy.
Estimated Time to Complete
 Instruction  3 hrs
 Assignments  3 hrs
 Collaboration  2 hrs

Learning Activity

Read pages 37-43 of the Reindeer Health Aide Manual. Watch the following Necropsy Videos.


Quiz 7 “Student video presentation: Collecting blood and tissue” Due November 25th before midnight.

Reflection and Writing

Assume you are conducting a necropsy of an animal; let’s say a caribou out in the field. List and describe what a healthy organ/ structure should look like as you work your way through the organ systems of the body ie color, surface texture, size. List the organs and structures in the approximate order you would inspect them as you are conducting your necropsy.