Module 6.3

Herd Health, Husbandry and Monitoring Continued
November 5 – November 11

Module 6.3 introduction.
In this module you will review how to conduct a basic animal health check and first aid and blood and tissue collection. You will have the opportunity for some experiential learning by using the supplies in your lab kit to practice the techniques we will cover in the module. A most enjoyable module!


  1. Conduct a basic animal health check.
  2. Review basic animal first aid.
  3. Describe good practices for vaccinating and treating animals in the field.
  4. Describe blood and tissue sampling, as well as sample processing and shipping methods.
Estimated Time to Complete
 Instruction  3 hrs
 Assignments  3 hrs
 Collaboration  2 hrs

Learning Activity

Read pages 44-47 of the Reindeer Health Aide Manual.
*Note on the following videos gloves should be worn to prevent skin contact with animal bodily fluids and medications.

Watch the following video of doing a health check on a reindeer, taking the temperature and listening to the heart & rumen function.

Watch this video on treating an abscess.

Watch this video on treating with ivermectin and clostridial vaccine.

Watch this video showing drawing blood from a reindeer.

Watch this video on suturing to help you with your assignment for this module.


Quiz 6 “Herd Health, Husbandry and Monitoring” November 11th before midnight.
Module 6.3 assignment

Reflection and Writing

Student photo or video presentation on vaccination or treatment techniques and basic animal first aid.